Let’s Talk About Lectins

So you may or may not be hearing a whole lot more these days about the Pale buzzword “lectins“.  It’s an actual term not coined by the Paleo crew but by the biology and scientist communities that is just now catching steam in the medical and national realms.


So if you’ve read my earlier post about why wheat is bad for us I may have briefly mentioned lectins and their role as a survival mechanism for most plants. In case I didn’t here a brief rundown of what lectins are.

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What’s Wrong With Whole Grain?

What’s wrong with whole grain?  I get that question more often than not from people injuring about my eating habits and optimum health journey.  The problem with grains is really the problem with ANY food known to man…it’s “bad for you…right?

Eggs were good for you and then they were bad for you and now I think they’ve moved back into the good category…but only if they cost $5 a dozen!  Here again we embark on a topic that you must choose to digest on your own…PUN INTENDED!!

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