Riding the Egg Limousine to Health 


Riding the egg limousine to optimum health may seem counterintuitive to the common consumer given all of the negative press eggs and other cholesterol containing foods have gotten over the years.


When it comes to health diet and exercise play an important role on how well we feel and how well we are able to manage our weight and overall health. Unfortunately weight loss and overall health don’t seem to mesh that easily. There seems to be four kinds of people, those who require a diet change for health, those who simply need to exercise more and those who nothing seems to work for.

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The Health Benefits Of Building Muscle

Building muscle is a central part of any holistic keep fit program. Keeping your body healthy is essential in today’s fast paced world, and brings benefits to every aspect of your life, and there are a great many ways to work out and keep fit. For optimal results, however, it makes sense to concentrate on methods that burn fat and produce muscle, as a defined muscle structure is one of the surest signs of a healthy and strong body.

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Tips on Being Fit and Having a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone must learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle because the best feeling in the world is being fit and healthy. It is important to be conscious on what you’re eating because this will define your health. Regular physical activity promotes health and prevents you from having high cholesterol levels, diabetes and heart diseases. There are a lot of benefits in being healthy and everyone should know that in order to have a quality life.

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Calories in Vs Calories Out

The long awaited debate may have finally come to fruition.  Must calories IN equal calories OUT in order to maintain weight?

Well….come to find out it’s not quite that easy to distinguish.  A few recent studies have been published that have some interesting data.  One can draw their own conclusions as to how far they want to analyze or overanalyze the study.

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