Who is Charlie and what is he doing?

Hello all and welcome to reading the first post of my entire life!  What I want to share with you over the next several years are things regarding health and fitness and my personal experiences and journeys.


Yes my journey is never complete and fitness and health will always be an uphill battle for me.  I’m not unhealthy by any stretch of the imagination but I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight over the years.


In fact, I’m trying to lose that stubborn 10-15 pounds right now as I type this.  I’m craving something sweet and I’m not sure if i can hold my sweet tooth off much linger.  So Part of my writing this is to help defer me when I have cravings.


I’ve just made myself a fairly healthy lunch.  Organic spinach, organic carrots and beets, a little bit of goat cheese and some grilled chicken on top.  No I didn’t even add dressing.


The sad thing is I feel guilty for what I eat even when it’s about as “healthy” as one could eat.  My beets…they have some sugar in them I believe so I think that was probably not the best choice although it was naturally occurring.  Maybe someone struggling to drop that last 10 pounds should’t be consuming anything with sugar content….natural or not.

My goat cheese had a blueberry coating on it.  Minuscule I know but it all adds up over the course of a day and a year and a lifetime.  Again….maybe not the best choice but you can’t eat just grass all day can you?


I try and steer clear of dairy and that’s why i’ve switched to goat cheese.  Supposedly it’s easier on the human gastrointestinal tract than cow’s milk.  I may rant on a few posts in the future regarding certain foods and why I try and not eat them.  I won’t reference any medical journal, studies or proven facts.  I’ll just discuss what I feel is best for ME and why I feel that way.  It may be from personal experience or issues with a particular food or it may be that I have read numerous studies that show what certain foods can do to ones body and immune system.


So Again, I’m no doctor but I am fairly intelligent and I can interpret studies and journals written on pretty complex subject matter.


I’ve also seen transformations in other friends and family and I will testify to their progress and struggles.  For instance, my friend Paul went Paleo about a year ago.  His skin cleared and he lost about 35 pounds NO PROBLEM AT ALL!  Since he’s reverted back to his old habits and has put all of the weight and then some back on!  His skin is breaking out again and his belly is bigger than i can ever recall.


Sugar is a real addiction and is very detrimental to health.  It’s not just the consumption of sugar but other things that act much in the same way sugar does as soon as they are ingested.  That’s all for another post so I won’t get into that today.


So lastly I just want to say to check back every so often.  I’ll talk about my fitness journey, past and present and will go into detail of dietary changes I’ve made and what results (if any) I’ve seen.  I will also tell you about slip ups and the consequences that I faced.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence how some of these foods make me feel the next day or even later that night.


Again, I follow my own setoff rules because it’s what I fell like is best for ME.  Everyone’s biochemistry is different and what bothers me may or may not have any affect on you.


So I look forward to sharing these things with you all.  Feel free to contact me with any stories of inspiration here.