Riding the Egg Limousine to Health 


Riding the egg limousine to optimum health may seem counterintuitive to the common consumer given all of the negative press eggs and other cholesterol containing foods have gotten over the years.


When it comes to health diet and exercise play an important role on how well we feel and how well we are able to manage our weight and overall health. Unfortunately weight loss and overall health don’t seem to mesh that easily. There seems to be four kinds of people, those who require a diet change for health, those who simply need to exercise more and those who nothing seems to work for.

The latter group of people are actually not a result of laziness or trying hard enough rather a resistant metabolism. Many people around the globe, especially in the United States are metabolically resistant which makes it damn near impossible for them to lose weight despite having the squeakiest of the clean diets and exercising to maximum capacity.

The problem? Neither diet nor exercise are as simple as simply doing it. There is no universal diet that suits the need of each and every person and while there are general guidelines that we can stick to and pretty much hope for the best.

In this article I will be outlining an approach that people who are metabolically resistant can benefit from. We will be talking about the benefits of low carb diets as they seem to be the most effective for people who are metabolically resistant and about how the consumption of fats and fatty acids to actually aid in weight loss and burning fat.

The egg limousine is revving up and getting ready for takeoff— read on to see why you should be on board.


Health Benefits of Eating Low Carb

The low carb diet has a bit of a bad reputation because people who partake in the diet don’t exactly know what they are doing. The point of the low carb diet is to help aid in induction or the phase where your body goes into fat-burning mode thus causing you to lose weight at a safe and stable rate.

What low carb implies is that you are lowering your carbohydrate consumption. Low carb diets are generally between 50-100 carbs per day and actually are not very difficult to follow. Low carb diets also tend to work for many people because you don’t really have to count calories.

Many people who do low carb forget to eat a broad variety of leafy greens and vegetables, especially if they are on a low-carb diet that requires them to eat a lot of meat. Not eating enough vegetables on a low-carb diet is the culprit of causing constipation.

Another mistake that low carb eaters make is not drinking enough water. Have a splash every now and then is not doing your body any good. The human body is 70% water so it makes no sense that dieters and everyone else is not drinking enough a day. Throw out the old “eight glasses a day” idea— the only people who should be drinking that much water are small children. The key to staying hydrated is drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces.

Low carb high fat

Believe it or not, a low carb high fat diet is very effective for people who metabolic issues. These people tend to see dramatic weight loss in the first week or so that trickles off to stable weight loss until they are down to a healthy weight.

When we think in terms of low carb high fat diets or LCHF we should remember that we are not talking about drinking a canisters of vegetable oil because it’s no carb and high fat. It is slightly more complicated than that.

The idea is to eat foods rich in healthy fats like eggs and coconut oil or a slightly fatty meat to help aid in weight loss. How? Fat revs up the metabolism and helps the body shed pounds.

High carb foods and blood cholesterol

High carb foods directly affect both you sugar and blood cholesterol and a negative way. Why? The moment that you open your mouth to eat carbs no matter what form they are in—

  1. fruit
  2. sugar
  3. pasta
  4. grains

The carbs break down in your saliva and sail straight for your bloodstream causing a whole host of problems that we have no way of covering here on this post.

The moment the carbohydrates which turn into glucose hits your bloodstream you sugar and cholesterol levels actually spike— if you are an erratic eater or a person who skips meals, eats too frequently or too infrequently you probably have blood sugar spikes as well.

Our bodies can more easily fight bad cholesterol with a low carb diet. When you switch over to low carb you will find that you are limited to

  1. meats
  2. fruits
  3. nuts
  4. oils
  5. vegetables

Pretty much everything else is off limits (if you’re eating healthily). You will almost immediately see that your cholesterol levels are going down and your waist is shrinking as soon as you make the switch.

This happens because carbohydrates actually make our bodies hold onto water. If you love cookies, cakes, sodas and just junk food overall, chances are that you’re holding onto a massive amount of water that is generally going to be expelled within the first few weeks of you doing the low carb diet.

You can eat 10 eggs and not have a blood sugar spike but one bite of a candy bar and you are through the roof.

Sugar and Low Carb

An interesting tidbit about sugar and low carb diets is that low carbs do not spike your blood sugar half as much as high carb foods. Why is this important? When you eat carbs they turn into sugar or glucose when that glucose enters your blood stream your body receives signals telling it to hoard weight— including but not limited to unwanted fat.

When you eat low carb or even better yet, no carb foods such as eggs your blood sugar isn’t affected at all. This means that you can eat an abundance of low carb foods without having blood sugar spikes and actually, finally, losing the unwanted bodyweight.


Low carb high fat diets are actually quite beneficial to your health. There are no valid facts that state that fat makes you develop vascular ailments, in fact there is science to back up the fact that fat actually helps you lose weight. By switching to a high fat low carb diet you will be able to manage your weight in a way that is easier than ever before.