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Thanks for visiting my website called Postros De Tijuana.  Check back every few days for updates and new information.

I’ll be adding new blog posts as i feel like I have new and unique information to share.  Most of it will be in regards to my fitness journey over the last two decades.  From exercising routines to eating habits and addictions.


I’ll be linking to other places that have nice fitness equipment and supplements.  I’ll also reference others who I’ve read their blogs and taken their advice.  Some with good results and others with not so great results.  Mainly it’s up to you if you want to be successful in your fitness journey.


Fitness isn’t a destination…it’s a journey like I mentioned earlier. It’s not a place you ever reach and stop.  Fitness is something you’ve got to constantly and consistently work at and dedicate yourself to.  If you’re just thinking about trying to get into better shape this blog may give you some insight into what I’ve tried over the years.


The main thing is don’t ever give up.  Once you make a mistake or blunder remember that you can always restart with your next meal or your next fitness session.  Had a bad lunch?  Well, make your supper compensate for you errors during the day.  Try not to let this happen every day but make your NEXT meal count.


Your last workout was a little less than stellar for whatever reason?  No worries.  Hit it extra hard the NEXT time out.  Make up for it.  Start NOW.  Start TODAY and don’t worry about your past or what you had for dinner last night.  Make today great and make every meal a new beginning and a new journey into optimum health and fitness.


I’ve tried a little bit of everything over the years when it comes to diet, exercise and routines.  I simply know what has worked for me and what hasn’t.  Each of our bodies are unique and our genetics are all different.  I encourage you to experiment with your own techniques and listen to your body.


Don’t overdue things.  Don’t jump into things too quickly.  This can be a recipe for disaster.  Ease in and make sure your body can adapt to the change.  Whatever you decide on doing it’s probably going to take an adjustment period.  But after our bodies are agreeable I think you will soon realize how much better you feel later as opposed to now.


I also encourage you to go OFF your eating and exercise regimens every so often. You will FEEL the difference.  You will more than likely feel terrible and be eager to return to your daily routine.


Don’t take things too seriously and don’t impose your beliefs on others.  If someone sees a difference in your overall appearance and they ask what you’ve been doing then it’s perfectly ok to discuss things with them.  Otherwise, unhealthy people don’t want to be harped on about their diet and exercise….or lack thereof…lol


Stay positive throughout.  You’ll feel better and you make others around you feel better too.  At the end of the day it’s all about happiness.